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Herstory centre ( formerly Kenya voluntary women rehabilitation centre – KVOWRC)  was founded by the late Prof . Elizabeth Ngugi in 1984 to address the growing need for social support for sex-trade workers and women living in Kenya with HIV/AIDS. Prof Ngugi was an internationally recognized leader with credentials in Public health and Epidemiology. Her focus specifically was on how culture impacts the transmission of STIs. She has played a crucial for many AIDS projects throughout Africa.

More than twenty years ago, Prof Ngugi, a renowned pioneer in the HV/AIDS work reached out to vulnerable populations in Kenya and other parts of the world to address their crushing unmet social and economic needs. She connected ostracized communities that have little education and even less money to an international team of AIDS scientists that would like to follow them over time, learning the most intimate details about their sexual practices their jobs and families, and of course, their disease.”

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